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10 different types of clothing styles with pictures

We fashionistas totally respect the rule: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”! You don’t agree with us? We want to look casual one day, vintage the next day and bring out our desi diva look the next day. Simply put, we don’t want to repeat our looks in just one week. To make sure you do just that, we’ve put together some useful information on the 10 best types of fashion styles of all time.

Get to know these different styles of clothing to stay innovative and ahead of the rest in the fashion game! Ready to play “Dress Up”?

10 kinds of different fashion styles with pictures:

Here are some of the popular fashion styles for men and women:

1. Street style:

True to its name, street style dressing was not born in high-end fashion studios, but in the streets of cities like Paris, Tokyo or Mumbai. Young men and women turn the ordinary streets into a fashion ramp by effortlessly trying on chic and stylish outfits. High-end branded clothing is giving way to affordable clothing like t-shirts, shirts, skirts, etc. which are worn in a unique and unprecedented way to represent the rebellious spirit of youth culture!

2. Formal style:

Formal means “approved”! So, you can expect strict dress rules, which are set by the relevant authorities of the ceremony or place. Dress codes for formal clothing are different for workplaces, funerals, college and religious events. To have a perfect sartorial look, you need to use the right type of clothing for the top and bottom, as well as accessories like ties, jewelry, hats, etc. These guidelines may be different in India, where formal wear for women is a sari or a salwar kameez.

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3. Vintage:

If you believe in the “old is gold” concept, Vintage sartorial style is for you. This dress style draws heavily its ideas from the past years, at least 30-50 years. From delicate Victorian lace dresses to baggy pants and flannel shirts, anything not so current can be considered vintage style. Some people also prefer to call it Retro, which is reminiscent of fashion trends from the 80s and 90s like good old polka dots, wide collars, high waisted bell bottoms and striped pants.

4. Bohemian:

The bohemian dress style consists of using natural elements like seashells, threads, feathers and fabrics. It’s a part of hippie fashion that intends to break conventional sartorial standards and explore your free and personal style. The bohemian walk-in closet is all about keeping it relaxed, free-spirited and eccentric. You can expect mismatched clothes in a mix of neutral and warm hues as well as lots of layering using natural jewelry.

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5. Ethnic:

Ethnic fashion refers to the dress style of a particular culture or geographic location. This style celebrates the legacy of its roots by placing emphasis on local silhouettes, fabrics, embroidery and prints. For an Indian, ethnic clothing consists of keeping it “Desi” by preferring kurta-pajamas or lehenga-choli to Western outfits. The ever popular fusion clothing was born from this style, where traditional clothing is mixed with modern ideas.

6. Sportsman:

The sportswear style originated in America, where sportswear like pajamas, jerseys, athletic shoes, tracksuits, etc. eventually became mainstream fashion. This opened up new opportunities for designers who introduced a collection of stylish and comfortable sportswear that can be worn even off the pitch. We can expect some bright colors, hidden zippers, animal prints (yoga pants, remember?) And a whole load of funky elements in this style.

7. Artistic:

The Artsy style is all about being “You”! It represents your unique taste and personality. Most people who are drawn to the Artsy style of clothing prefer artistic, handmade pieces that are truly unique! There is a constant need to look unique and out of the crowd. However, you don’t always have to invest in high-end sets to get the arty look! You can mix different prints, add lots of trendy jewelry, and go for brighter colors.

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8. Gothic:

Dark, mysterious and smoky – these are gothic clothes for you! If you want to try this style, say goodbye to the bright, vivid colors and stick with black and crimson red instead. However, gothic doesn’t mean wearing an all-black outfit. To become a true Goth, you have to go for smoky eyes, black nail polish, black lipstick, black shoes, Celtic tattoos, piercings, capes and corsets. Well if you are a vampire cinephile then inspiration comes naturally to you!

9. Casual:

Casual clothing is synonymous with unprecedented comfort and style! It is a casual clothing style which is suitable for meeting your friends, dressing on Friday, shopping and other informal events. Casual clothing usually includes jeans, t-shirts, plaid shirts, tops, etc. Layering is highly preferred whether it’s a denim jacket or a shirt over a t-shirt. The accessories are generally minimalist, which includes chains, bracelets, wristwatches, etc.

10. Punk:

Punk is associated with loud, aggressive clothing, which is commonly adopted by musicians in rock bands. Everything about this dress style is over the top, including leather jackets, studded outfits, colorful hairstyles, and plenty of piercings. Plaid shirts, shorts and tank tops occupy the softer version of this style. Black is dominant in punk fashion, which contrasts well with brightly colored hair dyes and metallic accessories.

There are many other types of fashion styles that have emerged from different parts of the world in response to the changing mindsets of people. You can choose to follow their game or create your own and launch a revolutionary dress style that the world has yet to see!